Salvation Bracelet

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This is a bracelet design representing the steps of a Christianís life. Colors represent the following: Black: This bead symbolizes sin. Not one of us is free from sin. This is what separates us from God. Red: This bead symbolizes Christís blood. Christ sacrificed himself for our sins. Green: This bead symbolizes growth. After we accept Christ into our life, we grow and become closer to God Ė Just as the green grass and trees grow. Blue: This bead symbolizes the Holy Spirit. When we receive Christ, the Holy Spirit dwells within our heart. White: This bead symbolizes purity. When Jesus washes us with his blood, we are no longer black with sin, but we are clean like the white bead. Gold: This bead symbolizes Heaven. God says that the streets in heaven will be paved in gold. Our one goal in life is to go to Heaven, and take as many people with us.

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